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Tax Year
2021 Payable 2022
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Levies Passed - 2021 Pay 2022 Tax Bill
Levy Levy Type Mills Current Annual Tax Estimated Annual Tax Note
Hamilton County - Children Services Renewal 2.77 $17.31 $17.31 B
Hamilton County - Children Services Additional 1.74 $0.00 $21.70 B
Great Parks - Parks & Recreation Additional 0.95 $0.00 $11.85 B
Miami Township - Current Expense Renewal 0.46 $4.55 $4.55 B
Village of Addyston - Water Renewal 1.00 $7.15 $7.15 B
Village of Addyston - Sewer Renewal 0.50 $2.30 $2.30 B

This is an estimated levy payment based on the current value of your property. Actual tax amounts per tax year may vary based on changes in property valuation and based on whether a parcel receives any abatement, credit, or reduction during the levy period.

Effective for the tax year 2005, Ohio's biennial budget bill, Amended Substitute House Bill 66, signed by the Governor on June 30, 2005, terminates the 10 percent real property tax rollback for the commercial and industrial classes of property, and agricultural property used for the commercial production of timber.

Effective for the tax year 2013, Ohio's biennial budget bill, House Bill 59, signed by the Governor on June 30, 2013, terminates the 10 percent real property tax rollback and the 2.5 percent homestead credit on all additional or replacement levies passed at the November 5, 2013 election or after. As a result of this legislation, those same levies will not qualify for the stadium tax credit.

Existing and renewal levies, as well as levies passed at the May 7,2013 and August 6, 2013 elections will qualify for the credits. Residential and most agricultural properties with qualifying levies will receive what is now the Non-Business Credit Rollback Factor. Owner occupied residential dwellings with qualifying levies will receive what is now the Owner Occupancy Credit Rollback Factor, as well as the stadium tax credit.

For more information on upcoming levies please visit the Hamilton County Board of Elections.

A - Voters approved at the May 4, 2021, election.

B - Voters approved at the November 2, 2021, election.

C - Two levies combined into a single ballot issue.

D - Will commence tax year 2022, for first collection in 2023.

E - Proposed for the May 3, 2022, election.